Agrinova Produktmanagement GmbH is a family-run company that has developed, tested and brought some new foods onto the market in recent years.

Corresponding plant selections and breeding were developed in the company's own facilities and the corresponding machines of the subsidiary Novagreen.

In their operations, culture systems, harvesting machines and processing systems for vegetatively propagated cannabis plants are to be developed. The aim is the development, production and marketing of CBD foods made from cannabis. Selections with a particularly high CBD content should be propagated in their laboratory using meristems or cell cultures.


Apurano Life Sciences GmbH was founded in 2014 and specializes in the development and production of high-quality and nutritionally effective dietary supplements with its proprietary PuranoTec manufacturing technology. Due to their efficient corporate structure and the highly motivated, competent and experienced employees, they were able to build up a company within the last years which was launching its first product, verified by a nutritional physiological study and manufactured in the new Development & Production Center.



B+H Solutions GmbH is a company that develops innovative agricultural concepts based on metal-based fertilizers using nanotechnology. The team from Remshalden has been developing concepts for agriculture to reduce the use of pesticides to zero for over 10 years. The innovative products, which contain trace elements such as copper (Cu), silver (Ag), iron (Fe), boron (B), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg), are used to optimally supply all crops while protecting the environment. This makes the plants more vital and resistant to any pathogens. In the cultivation of cannabis, a significant increase in the harvest and vitality of the young plants can be achieved with this concept. 



Becanex (Berlin Cannabis Extraction) was founded in September 2018, as a joint venture between Berlin-based LAIA'S Proteinhanf GmbH, and a food tech incubator at Wageningen University (Netherlands). They specialize in the extraction of cannabinoids from industrial hemp plants grown by local farmers.

Becanex uses their new, self-developed One-Step Extraction process: Simple, scalable and unique.



Beste Natur is a Stuttgart-based company that deals in over-the-counter medicinal products, medical products and food supplements, some of which have been manufactured according to their own recipes for many years. The team has expertise in the fields of pharmacy as well as in the cultivation and cultivation of cannabis. The aim is to manufacture cannabis products based on the non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are used in the medical field.



BioTeSys GmbH in Esslingen was founded in 1999 and is a certified service provider for the development, further development and implementation of new concepts in the fields of nutrition (food and feed), natural and chemical raw materials, consumer health care and cosmetics. The core competence is the investigation and assessment of the effect of biologically active ingredients; that is, the identification of the functional properties of an ingredient or a mixture of ingredients, as well as the investigation of their effectiveness and effectiveness.



The aim of BMG is the innovative and sustainable development and use of processes and materials for the production of intermediate and end products based on renewable and biogenic raw materials. Furthermore, the trade, export and import of required raw materials, consumables and supplies, the manufacture and processing of corresponding machines as well as all related services as peripheral activities are the object of the company.



Computomics is a team of world-leading experts in plant research and bioinformatics and offers high-quality data analysis of sequence data (NGS) for agricultural biotech companies and plant scientists. Computomics helps to understand the complexity of cereals, vegetables, fruits and other genomes. The advanced bioinformatics services offer customers high-quality, state-of-the-art NGS data interpretation.



DEMECAN is an independent company founded in 2017, which grows and processes cannabis for medical purposes in Germany on behalf of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). DEMECAN supports research on the use of medical cannabis as well as research aimed at the cultivation conditions and processing methods of cannabis.



The Glatt Group is a full-service provider and offers integrated solutions along the entire value chain: from primary particle production, through refinement, to the finished tablet. Glatt is an international family company with 15 branches and around 3000 employees worldwide. The company's headquarters are in Binzen in the south of Baden.

The Glatt brand combines the four areas of expertise Pharmaceutical Services, Process Technology Pharma, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals and Process & Plant Engineering. All from a single source!



Harter GmbH is an owner-managed company that develops, manufactures and sells energy-saving drying systems for industry. With its heat pump technology, Harter is also active in the field of innovative medical hemp drying and would like to establish a sensor system for optimized process control within the network. This is to ensure gentle drying in different temperature ranges in order to preserve the valuable and volatile ingredients of the cannabis plant.



Humintech GmbH, based in Grevenbroich, North Rhine-Westphalia, develops, produces and markets humic-based products for agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental applications and industry. Exporting its products to more than 70 countries worldwide, Humintech is one of the market leaders in the industry. Humintech's inputs meet organic farming requirements and are certified and listed by certification organizations such as FiBL, ECOCERT and OMRI.



KENEVIR Medical has set itself the task of reliably and safely supplying patients in Europe with medical cannabis. The focus is on quality management and natural production. After GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice), production is guaranteed according to European standards and is the pivotal point for distribution. Kenevir Medical aims to establish high quality, naturally grown medical cannabis products in Europe. Kenevir Medical has currently registered four patents in the examination process, which, in addition to other indications, also aim to improve the handling of the products for pharmacies - for example when dispensing certain quantities.



Klasmann-Deilmann manufactures growing media as an essential basis for the growth of plants and success in production horticulture. The company, founded in 1913, is active in the international substrate industry and operates sales and production companies worldwide. In addition to the core business areas such as the extraction of peat raw materials and the production of wood fibers and green compost.



Knauer, founded in 1962, is a medium-sized, owner-managed family company in the 2nd generation with its headquarters in Berlin. Knauer manufactures scientific measuring instruments of the highest quality for research, routine analysis and quality assurance. They develop and manufacture their instruments and components in Berlin. The supported technologies include liquid chromatography, the precise delivery / dosing of liquids even at high pressures and the detection of dissolved substances in the liquid flow. Knauer is a global partner for science supporting research and progress.



LuxFlux deals with optical measurement technology and has expertise in the field of software / data analysis from hyperspectral cameras. In a previous research project with the University of Hohenheim, "Farming IOS" was developed: When a drone (e.g. field or vineyard) flies through a drone, a digital infestation map is generated that serves as the basis for recommendations for action for targeted control. Such a technology is also to be developed for the cannabis plant in order to determine the optimal harvest time.



Merck (MilliporeSigma in the US and Canada) is worldwide operating chemical and pharmaceutical company headquartered in Darmstadt, which produces and markets various specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and diagnostic applications. Cannabis quality testing is mandated in all regions around the world where legalization took place. We offer the most comprehensive selection of analytical and microbial tools to promote safety and efficacy of cannabis products. From sample prep and chromatography columns to certified reference materials, water purification systems, and hygiene monitoring Merck provides solutions for the end-to-end cannabis testing workflow.



Simply precise - METER delivers revolutionary products and services. We do this by connecting science, engineering and design to deliver precisely what our customers need and help our customers solve the world's most pressing problems — air and water quality, crop management, food safety and beyond. METER Environment provides a system of easy-to-use sensors, software, and lab instrumentation to deliver advanced, cloud-connected, real-time plant-soil-atmospheric data that fuels environmental research at top universities, labs, government agencies, and industrial applications. METER Horticulture helps your operation scale profitably, sustainability, and successfully by improving grams per square foot per year and delivering data and insights to keep you in the know about your Cannabis grow. METER Food offers food manufacturers top total moisture solutions with METER's AQUALAB water activity meters and other high precision devices.



Excellent sample preparation starts with precision instruments. With our products, we enable researchers and laboratory personnel to optimize their workflows in the areas of digestion, extraction, synthesis, ashing, mercury analysis, and ultra-pure chemistry. Our innovative developments often make tricky processes more accessible, faster, and safer. Our software ensures an efficient workflow with hundreds of stored standard methods and industry specifications. Data is collected automatically and distributed, filed, or integrated into the network according to your specifications.



Produkt Baur GmbH is active in the field of electronics and produkt development with a focus on LED lighting technology and the integration of these developments into other systems. It offers specific knowledge in the areas of plant breeding and agricultural research and is interested, among other things, in light-dependent production of secondary plant substances and the development of a multi-layer system for the requirements of speed breeding approaches in modern plant breeding.



Purely Plant GmbH located in Marburg an der Lahn is the German organization of Purely Plant. Purely Plant DOOEL Skopje in North Macedonia will grow medicinal cannabis indoors under GACP and GMP conditions and deliver it to Germany, among others. The German organization will be in charge of import, marketing and distribution for all countries and will therefore play a far-reaching role for  Purely Plant itself. Purely Plant GmbH aims to set new standards in the industry for the cultivation and extraction of medicinal cannabis oil and CBD oils.



Selecta one is a worldwide leading breeder, producer and marketer of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Breeding activities include the bedding of balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials, grasses and cut flowers segments. With 14 of its own production sites and sales companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the group serves all relevant markets globally. The third generation family-owned company is headquartered in Stuttgart-Mühlhausen.



RETSCH develops and manufactures laboratory equipment for primary and fine size reduction of samples for subsequent analysis. Grinding tools made of 316L stainless steel have recently been added to the portfolio; these are particularly suitable for small scale production processes in the food and pharmaceutical sector. Our focus is on solution-oriented counselling in all questions related to homogenization, size reduction, sieve analysis or gentle drying of cannabis products. This refers to the raw materials for extraction as well as to processed products (solids).



Signature Products GmbH is a European-based hemp raw material supplier "Made in Germany". The company trades commercial hemp biomass, hemp seeds, hemp protein and flowers and offers extraction services and private label bottling of hemp extracts. With the market research brand BUDDY and the service offerings, market information is obtained, which helps B2B customers to better understand the market and to develop products according to the demand within the scope of consulting.



STEP Systems develops, produces and markets portable and stationary analysis systems / devices for soil, water and air analysis. The main focus is on measuring devices for determining the pH value, the salt content and the individual nutrients to ensure optimal plant nutrition. The possible uses range from use in professional plant production to mobile on-site use for consultants and use in research and training.



To unfold their diverse, health-promoting properties, the active ingredients of the cannabis plant must first be absorbed by our body. Since this only happens to a small extent, TINY Technologies has set itself the task of naturally optimizing the so-called bioavailability of secondary plant substances. In cooperation with the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg-based startup is researching novel, bio-based carrier systems in food supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. TINY Technologies offers its B2B customers a competitive market advantage with its innovative products. 



Glazing with the world's highest transmittance of photobiological active natural sunlight enables a new quality and perspective in greenhouse construction. The unique key technology of Sunexx GmbH - a symbiosis of technology and natural science - is a combination of the proven HelioVital solar filter technology with UV-transmissive special glass specially developed for this purpose for a higher light yield in the VIS/PAR range. Thus, the different light requirements of various crops, such as cannabis, can be specifically addressed, and secondary metabolites such as terpenes or flavonoids can be specifically triggered. 



With around 12,000 employees, the Freiburg University Medical Center is the largest employer in South Baden and one of the largest hospitals in Europe. In its original task, the university clinic combines research, teaching and patient care. With innovative approaches and excellent scientists, interdisciplinary findings from basic research are combined with findings from clinical research. One of the focal points of the research group Molecular Preventive Medicine at the University Medical Center Freiburg deals with the preventive / therapeutic potential of medicinal plants and plant-based foods as well as their bioactive ingredients. Current bilateral research collaborations exist in this area with East Africa, South America, Asia and India.



For more than 30 years Zürn Harvesting has been developing and producing attachments for combine and forage harvesters for all manufacturers. The extensive range of products extends from header attachments for rape and sunflower harvesting, to the  direct cutting ProfiCut header and the high-performance PremiumFlow belt header Header transporters complete their portfolio. At their factory in Hohebuch they have developed, produced and sold clean grain plot combines for field research since 2004.